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About Us

[ Message ]

We have been involved in making models for display at cultural facilities such as museums. We have met the challenge of condensing the real world into advanced models, using many kinds of materials and academic preciseness. We propose models following our customers' wishes using our techniques and heart.

[ Outline ]

Stock company Sankei [Business and Control Business]
Place35 Tsutsumishita-cho Nishikyogoku Ukyoku, Kyoto
Fund10,000,000 JPY
Representative DirectorAyako Katsumi

Limited company Sankei Factory [Work Department]
Place35 Tsutsumishita-cho Nishikyogoku Ukyoku, Kyoto
Fund5,000,000 JPY
Representative DirectorKenji Katsumi

StaffBusiness and Management of Work Section
Work Section
General Affairs Section

Woodworking tool set
Metalworking tools
Kiln for Ceramics
Painting tools
Computer Laser System
Original Super-Minute Sawing Machine
MembershipKyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The Display Society of Japan
Kyoto Industrial Research Institute

[ Our History ]

January, 1963Our business started as 'Katsumi Store' [Kamigyoku, Kyoto]
April, 1966Name changed to 'Sankei Factory'
October 1, 1971Our factory became incorporated; 'Sankei Factory Inc.'
November 2, 1992    'Sankei Stock Company' was established to manage 'Sankei Factory Inc.' and improve business control.

[ Our Bisiness ]
We produce models suited to both indoor and outdoor.
Cultural Assets Reproduced models of old structures such as shrines, temples, fortresses, private houses, houses on a street setting, etc.Models of Geographical FeaturesIndustrial Models
DollhousesHandicraftsFiber Reinforced Plastic Models

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