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Garden Model

  The models of historical architectures were once only to be displayed indoors, however we have made them sturdy enough to withstand the outdoor elements while maintaining quality. We create an excellent Japanese setting by combining our models with the Japanese garden.  

Our work at the 18th Urban Green Fair
Superior prize award
Landscape consultant association chairman prize award
  This garden reflects the Chinese-style three-dimensional landscape paintings. Many types of plants such as trees, mosses, seasonal flowers and dwarf trees give color and perspective. The structure is made with Hinoki and is roofed with individual ceramic tiles in the same way as the five storied pagoda displayed indoors. The fusion of the natural and man-made beauty reproduces the old Japanese beauty.  
A yard to a garden
The new direction of Japanese space made by the combination of the garden and historical architecture models enable us to tailor the setting to your wishes. The inclusion of the historical architecture models can direct each garden in a different way. We execute the plans, including the garden, so feel free to ask anything.。

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