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About Model

  Other models may appear unrealistic and mass-produced, however almost all Sankei Models are made to order and therefore are one of a kind. Our craftsmen make each part by hand and build them precisely to plan.

With the improvements in computer science, computer graphics have enabled us greater expression. The sturdiness and texture of a model appeals much more than a two-dimensional display, in that the model is a true replica, only in miniature.

Using the excellent vision of the human eye, viewing a model allows us to instantly grasp the whole, and to focus on the detail. The three-dimensional model gives a lot of information at one time.

Our fine and elaborate models appear realistic, even magnified, but more so when viewed with the naked eye. You could imagine yourself much smaller and see the model as if it were real.

Our models are displayed in many Japanese museums. Compare our models with others. If you have the opportunity to view them up close with a magnifying glass, you will see the difference.

We will be very pleased if people enjoy and take away the many things our models give to you.


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